Our aluminium entrance front doors and aluminium back doors are provided by Spitfire and Origin, both UK Suppliers renowned for developing entrance doors that offer excellent security and energy efficiency. With such vast levels of customisation available, it’s easy to create a door which totally matches your sense of style.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are constructed from multiple different types of material in order to provide a door which is highly secure and weather resistant. The aluminium composite doors provided by Spitfire feature aluminium walls filled with insulating material. The aluminium layers make the door strong, weather-resistant and secure, while the insulating layer acts as a thermal break, which reduces heat conductivity of the door and prevents warm indoor air from escaping. The doors are therefore very energy efficient and provide superior thermal efficiency over UPVC.


When comparing the security of high-quality composite doors and UPVC doors, composite doors are significantly thicker and stronger. This means they hold up far better to attempted break ins. Spitfire Aluminium composite doors also feature high security multipoint locks, which makes them even more resistant to attempted burglary. They are secured by design, which is the police-preferred method of home security.

Products available from composite door supplier Spitfire

Spitfire are expert composite door manufacturers and offer two key variations of composite external doors – S-200 and S-500. Both models are suitable for front and back door installation.

Spitfire S-200 aluminium composite doors

The S-200 range offers all the luxury style of aluminium without the extravagant price tag. They feature Winkhaus German engineered precision locking systems for maximum security, and discreet mechanical fixings to prevent distortion in very hot or cold temperatures. The doors are 75mm thick and the glazed panels have three layers of security glass. With U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K, they provide excellent levels of insulation.

There are a variety of composite door styles in the S-200 range, including traditional and contemporary looks. Plus, you can choose from a variety of handle options, glass designs and hundreds of RAL colours, as well as woodgrain effect finishes.


RAL 7016 matt textured
4 butt hinges
10 point lock
1000mm stainless pull bar
Obscure glass

Spitfire S-500 aluminium composite doors

The S-500 range features high-quality multipoint locks and solid stainless steel end-to-end shoot bolts. You can also upgrade the lock to feature keypads, finger scanners or Bluetooth access via your mobile phone, which further heightens security. The doors are 85mm thick with three circumferential seals and 3mm aluminium walls, which makes them incredibly strong and stable. With a U-value as low as 0.7 W/m2K, the doors provide exceptional thermal efficiency.


The S-500 range of door designs offers a level of customisation much higher than that of the S-200. Choose from over 400 different pre-designed models, or create your own from scratch if you’re looking for a totally unique door. There are a huge variety of powder coated finishes to choose from, including woodgrain effects, and dual colour and multicoloured options are available. You can also choose to add door side panels which feature double glazing, and these are perfect for allowing more natural light into your home’s entranceway.


Number 1 front door in Europe
600+ designs
Impeccable engineering
Outstanding performance
Ultra-low U values
Built to last a lifetime
Swarovski ® crystals

Where can composite doors be used?

Many people opt for aluminium composite front doors because they provide exceptional security with modern and contemporary style. Aluminium provides a clean, smart finish, but when choosing a composite front door from Spitfire, you have a wide range of styles to choose from, as well as multiple powder coated finishes – including solid door colours and woodgrain effects – and a variety of window styles and handles. It’s incredibly easy to customise your door style to suit your own personal tastes and the exterior appearance of your home.


Composite external doors can also be used on the rear of your property, either as a simple kitchen door, for example, or as patio doors. You can choose to have the entire door panel solid, or opt for glazed or half glazed windows to allow natural light to stream through the doors. Spitfire offer a huge glass design range, including traditional panel sunburst designs and more contemporary looks.


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