Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows are manufactured to bespoke specifications, meaning that your new windows will be created to perfectly suit your home’s unique requirements.


What are aluminium windows?

Aluminium windows feature aluminium framing and are an excellent alternative to timber, PVC or steel windows due to their lightweight construction and durability. Since aluminium is a very strong material, it makes it possible to construct very narrow window framing, which essentially maximises the glazing within your windows. Slim aluminium window frames can therefore increase the viewing space of your window and maximise the amount of natural light that streams into your home.

Premium grade aluminium windows benefits

Aluminium is a robust yet lightweight material and perfect for window framing because it’s low maintenance and provides excellent longevity. Aluminium windows will not rust and can hold up against even the most extreme British weather conditions. They don’t swell or warp like wooden window frames, and if you opt for casement windows, which allow the sash to close flush inside the outer frame, you can enjoy a sleek, stylish finish which maximises sightlines.

What are aluminium windows like in terms of thermal performance?

All our windows feature Aerogel, which is the best insulator in the world and used to insulate spacesuits and space shuttles. By incorporating it into their aluminium window frames, we are able to minimise heat transfer between indoors and outdoors and maximise thermal efficiency. Not only does this help to keep heat in during winter and reduce the amount of energy wasted in heating the home, but it also helps to maintain a cool, stable temperature during summer.